The Competence of KonAd

Business Control Solutions, Workflow and Document Management

We are developing Business Control Solutions to handle for example orders to a company or files at court. In this area we offer individual solutions (Oracle Database Applications) to our customers. In addition we offer our standard Workflow and Document Management System KWfl which can be tightly integrated with the individual solutions. More (German) ...

Oracle Competence

Since nearly ten years the people at KonAd were working in Oracle Partnerships. We offer consulting, administration of Oracle Databases as well as Oracle Application Development according to our customers demands. In addition we provide the design and implementation of Data Warehouses as we have done for the Deutsche Post AG. More (German) ...

Ada Development

Since four years we are developing Ada applications and libraries. Most parts of our Standard Workflow System KWfl and its Windows-Gui-Client < b>ElSch (Elektronischer Schreibtisch = Electronical Workdesk) are written in Ada.

To the Ada-Community we offer our Libraries Konada.Db (for Oracle Database Access) and GWindows_Extended (for the development of Graphical User Interfaces on the Windows platform) which are released under the GMGPL (Gnat Modified General Public License). You may copy these libraries from our Download Site .


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